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Touch Down: How Mobile Is Scoring Big This Super Bowl Weekend

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in American history. Last year, a record 114.4 million tuned in to the game. With an expected one million fans planning to arrive in the Bay area this week for the big game, wireless carriers are doubling down on infrastructure to make sure attendees can share Facebook statuses, Snapchat videos of the game, and text celebration event plans with one another seamlessly.

During last year’s game, AT&T customers used an average of 1.7 terabytes of data. The provider reports seeing wireless demand increase 75% year-over-year at regular NFL games during the season and expects that number to increase for Sunday’s finale.

Mobile connectivity doesn’t stop there for Super Bowl fans attending the game: the NFL just developed a special mobile app for fans to order food, drink, and merchandise from their seats for express-pick up at any time during the game. Fans can also view instant replays and find the shortest lines for restrooms, concession stands, and gate entrances.

Aside from the fans, mobile is also changing the game for those on the field. This week, Venture Beat reported that Wilson – the company behind the official football of the NFL since 1941 – announced its Wilson X Connected Football.  The football will have a small chip inside that connects to a smartphone, allowing players to track stats and improve their performance. Here’s to a perfect spiral every throw.

With mobile permeating every aspect of our lives, it seems that mobile will be dominating the field for many Super Bowls to come. Grab your wings, drinks, and don’t forget your mobile device this weekend—Happy Super Bowl 50!