Mobile Future

Bytes: Track Your BAC Like You Count Your Steps!

Who doesn’t love a great night out with your friends? But monitoring those drinks can sometimes be forgotten. Fortunately, innovative mobile tech startups are creating new devices to help you keep track of your alcohol intake.

Lapka and Floome are two companies that have created mobile device accessories that serves as breathalyzers. Lapka’s BAM is a standalone tube you doubles as a necklace. Users simply breathe into it, and the connected app on your phone tells you your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), behavior impacts, and how long it will take for you to become completely sober. Similarly, 2045 Tech’s Floome breathalyzer plugs into your mobile device’s audio jack. After you breathe into it, Floome’s app will not only display your BAC level, but it will help you find a cab and check in with friends.

Recently, another company took a new approach in BAC monitors. Rather than a mobile attachment, BACtracker Skyn is a wristband wearable. Debuted at CES last week, BACtrack Skyn uses a sensor to monitor the alcohol content in your blood in near real-time. Skyn can be either an Apple Watch wristband or a standalone wrist wearable, and both will notify you when you need to take a break.

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