Mobile Future

Tracking the oil spill from your cell

Fifty-seven days in, it seems like we are all constantly checking for the latest updates in the on-going Gulf Oil Spill crisis. With so much news to digest, it’s easy to feel out of the loop on the outcome of the last top-kill maneuver or the latest sound-byte from a Gulf Coast Fisherman. While some of us may be feeling out of touch, mobile-savvy aficionados are staying on top of the spill armed with nothing more than their wireless device.


Several apps have surfaced, providing mobile users with the most recent information regarding the leak including an interactive timeline and historical context from previous spills. For the ad-hoc journalist, users can post their own images of the spill and provide their own reports of “spill related damage”.


If you don’t have time to provide free reporting, you can still help out by making $10 donations to the National Wildlife Fund (NWF) by texting WILDLIFE to 20222.