Mobile Future

Vacation: there’s an app for that!

Sure cellphones help us manage our office
life.  Calendar alerts, contact lists, the new, improved cut and paste feature
for document review– really, working on the go has never been easier.  But,
smartphones come in handy for those much needed vacations, too!  

Recently, TripIt introduced a new mobile service that alerts you when flights have been delayed or canceled
and suggests alternative travel itineraries.  So instead of wasting valuable
vacation time at the airport, you can be on the next plane to your destination
"vacation" before your co-passengers– or more aptly named, seat competitors–
even know there’s a delay.   Now, that’s smart.

And whether you are
basking in the summer rays in the backyard or on an island (jealous), sun
protection is a must!  According to the American Academy of Dermatology,
text messaged alerts are a great way to protect your precious skin.  Dr. Joseph
Kvedar, associate professor of dermatology at Harvard University Medical School, conducted a study on the
effectiveness of text messaged reminders  for daily sunscreen application. 
Remarkably, subjects who received these reminders had an adherence rate of 56
percent.  Safe to say, this is a "mother-approved" app!