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Wearables to Keep Us Warm and Happy As Temperatures Drop

Last weekend we set our clocks back. That means darker and colder days ahead for many of us as the winter months approach. If you’re someone who fears the cold or waking up when it’s still dark out – then you are not alone – and these great wearables are now available to make the next few months a little sunnier.

Digitsole – This wearable will insure that your feet stay warm with a water resistant and heated shoe insole. With a click of your smartphone, you can activate the heating function and control the temperature. Additionally, Digitsole will help you stay in shape through the season by tracking how far you’ve walked and number of calories burned.

Sunsprite — For those who suffer from seasonal depression, getting more sunlight could be the cure. Sunsprite is a clip that can be worn on your clothing that connects to a mobile app. More sunlight means better sleep, a happier mood, and more energy. By using your wireless device to measure sun intake each day, you can make small changes and ensure you are getting enough this winter.

Qtemp – This device gives you the most precise and accurate weather readings. By simply wearing the Qtemp device, you can know how to dress in the cold weather and most importantly, if it’s a safe enough temperature for you to be outside.