Mobile Future

WH uses mobile to distribute Obama’s speeches

Hats off to the White House for embracing mobile as a
key communications tool in areas with
minimal Internet access. A White
House Blog post
details the efforts of the White
House and State Department New Media teams to ensure that Tuesday’s
speech by President Obama was made available to the Afghan people via mobile

Looking at
data on, [there is not] a lot of traffic coming from
Afghanistan and Pakistan because Internet penetration
in the region is relatively low at 2% and 11% respectively. However, mobile
penetration is much higher. 52% of the 177 million people in Pakistan have at least 1 mobile device and 30% of
the 28.4 million in Afghanistan.  Given this trend, [the White House]
produced short video clips of the President’s segment to Afghans and had it
dubbed in Arabic,
and Urdu
in order for them to be distributed locally on mobile devices. Given the small
screens on phones, subtitling wasn’t an appropriate option. The original version
in English
is also available.