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Which Apps Scored Big in 2015? Yes, Emojis Is On This List

A recent study by Flurry, a firm that reports annually on mobile usage and app growth found that overall app usage grew by 58% in 2015. An interesting find is that much of that growth is coming from existing users who are incorporating their smartphone and tablets more into their daily lives.

According to their research, some of the most popular apps include personalization apps with the majority of growth coming from a fan favorite across the board—Emoji keyboards! Personalization apps led the way with 332% growth this past year. News and magazine apps grew 135% in 2015 showcasing how consumers prefer to get their news on their mobile devices rather than their TVs or desktops. Productivity apps closely matched the growth rate of news apps with a growth rate of 125% in 2015. Want to get going on your New Years resolutions? Here are our favorite productivity apps to download today.

Needless to say, the State of Mobile in 2015 signals a bright 2016. Click here to read more and get a deeper look into the Flurry study.