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What’s New In the World of Connected Cars Tech

Our world is connecting at an incredibly fast rate in almost every part of our lives, including transportation. By 2021, over 380 million connected cars are will be [RB1] on the road. Here’s what is new in the land of smart transportation:

Companies like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are designing programs to minimize distraction on the road, including integrated steering wheel controls and voice-activated controls. Simply put, most of the things that you can do with your smartphone now, you’ll be able to do behind the wheel, distraction free, in the near future.

LG and Volkswagen recently announced that they are working together on a connected car platform as well. The platform is aimed at integration with smart home devices– allowing you to control things like lights and security systems, all while out on the road.

Also joining the connected car club is Alibaba, unveiling its first connected car, set to deliver in August. The car will have a smart dashboard and feature the ability to pay for gas without the driver ever getting out of the car.

In a few years, there’s no telling what else our cars will be able to do!