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Bytes: When In Doubt, Find a Wearable

Wearables are tracking fitness, charging mobile devices, and monitoring blood pressure. But there is so much more heading our way. Check out some of these newest life-improving wearables!

Bloomlife is a new patch wearable that provides real-time monitoring of third trimester pregnancy contractions. The patch beams data to the app on which mothers can see track real-time contraction patterns. In addition to keeping mothers-to-be informed during pregnancy, Bloomlife also plans to collect widespread data that could then be used to identify markers of pregnancy complications. .

While Bloomlife works to make recognizing potential birth complications easier, two more companies are working to provide people with information needed to stay healthy. Siren Care’s Siren Sock, a smart sock, is designed to help people with diabetes who are prone to foot and ankle swelling. Siren Care hopes an early warning notification from the sock’s heat sensors will help wearers avoid harmful inflammation that could cause infection or injury. Meanwhile, Plume Lab’s Flow keeps users informed about air pollution in their environment. The fob monitors the air and changes colors according to pollution levels. By compiling data from users, Flow’s ‘danger zone’ map of cities helps health-conscious travelers be aware of air quality. .

These wearables are using technology to transform how we monitor our world — way to go, wearables!

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