Mobile Future

When a Camera Phone Makes All the Difference

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine whose dad recently had quintuple bypass surgery. He’s fine now, but family and friends around the U.S. and the world were really, really worried about him and anxious to hear how he fared.

My friend took pictures of him beforehand, saying that he always took lots of pictures of the family, even at embarrassing moments, and she knew that no matter what happened it was an important family tradition to observe.

After surgery, she e-mailed a progress report and told everyone he was doing well. That was great, but what does “doing well” REALLY mean after major surgery like that? Well, she SHOWED them by taking a picture of her dad with her wireless phone. Not long after surgery he was sitting up in bed eating lunch and looking great. She sent the e-mail and picture immediately from his bedside, which he got an extra kick out of because he could dictate the message to his friends. She sent that picture of him smiling, plastic fork held high — across the country, to Germany, to Ethiopia — to the great rejoicing of family and friends.

That is truly a meaningful Mobile Moment.

Here’s hoping she will be taking a lot more pictures of her happy, healthy dad for years to come.