Mobile Future Small Business

Wireless Connectivity: Powering America’s Small Businesses

May 4, 2018

Small businesses are the engine of the American economy and mobile communications are powering small businesses across the country, allowing them to connect with new customers, participate in the global marketplace and add to the bottom line.

According to a 2018 report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Morning Consult, small businesses sit on technology’s cutting edge.  Nearly 85 percent of small businesses use a digital platform to provide information to customers; 80 percent use a platform to show their products and services, as well as to advertise and communicate with customers and suppliers; and 75 percent are using these types of platforms for sales.

Mobile technology has brought businesses closer to their customers in ways unheard of just a decade ago. Whether it’s direct messaging for upcoming deals or tap-and-pay technology with mobile wallets, wireless devices and connections have become critical tools for small business across the country. Mobile solutions are driving efficiency as apps replace forms and cloud solutions replace resource-heavy local filing, scanning and imaging functions.

Being able to deal with tasks such as expenses via a mobile app means big savings for small businesses. Messaging services enable telework and help keep a workforce in touch with each other, offering a valuable way to ensure effective communications internally and with customers. For employers and employees alike, the ability to work anytime, anywhere is a big asset. Nearly 40 percent of employees identify mobility as the single most important job-satisfaction factor, according to a report by the wireless firm HPE Aruba.

Cloud-based tools and mobile-first technologies have also made it easier to start and scale a business, with a host of metrics indicating that companies using mobile technologies such as cloud collaboration and mobile payments hit growth and export milestones faster than those that don’t. Research shows that businesses with fewer than 50 employees are the fastest-growing export segment in the United States. Mobile wallets and tap-to-pay tools alone have halved the amount of time it takes businesses to go international – from 41 months for businesses founded in 2003-2008 to 22 months for businesses founded in 2009 or later.

Mobile solutions are putting more services and information at the fingertips of the entrepreneur. With the aid of wireless technology, America’s small businesses will continue to thrive.