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Wireless Gadgets To Help Keep Your Fitness Resolutions On Track

Mashable has rounded up a few connected gadgets that were just unveiled at CES and can help keep your fitness resolutions on track well into 2015. From staying active, to being safe, to tracking progress, these connected devices do so much more than just help keep you fit. Check them out:

Connected Cycle bike pedal: Keeps track of your routes, elevation, and calories burned by connecting the GPS technology in your bike pedals to an app.

Rollkers electronic shoes: These electronic skates fit over your shoes and allow you to walk normally but doubles the speed of your pace.

Visijax bike jacket: Stay safe when using your connected bike pedals with the Visijax LED lightweight jacket. This jacket serves as a flashing “blinker” and allows you to safely make turns when you raise your arm.

iSet Watch: Love playing Tennis but wish there was an easier way to keep score during a match? The iSet Watch allows you to input the score while you are playing and syncs to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

XON Snow-1 snowboard bindings: Get real-time feedback by connecting your snowboard to your smartphone app. Manage your weight distribution and learn how much your board flexes as you take on the slopes. Fun feature: the heel and toe of the bindings light up when you shift your weight!

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