Mobile Future

wireless apps are changing the world

It seems these
days, everywhere you turn you’ll find a new wireless application- from
Nationwide and its insurance claim filing application to Urbanspoon which helps
you find a great place to eat nearby.  While applications offer exciting
opportunities for consumers, The
Wall Street Journal just took a look at the business end of wireless
Turns out that
applications have not only changed the way consumers live, but how companies
build and grow their business. Apps help businesses, both large and small,
attract new
improve customer
create new

They also give
small businesses an unprecedented "reach" to find new

[Indent] "The
app allows small companies to operate more like larger e-commerce shops, which
have dedicated staff to improve their workflow," [ CEO Tobi] Lutke
says. "With this technology, you can be very small and have the same technology
as a big corporation."

These days, app
development can run less than $2,000 or even under $100 if you do it yourself. 
As a result, the wireless Internet is fast becoming small business’ best friend
and a level playing field of boundless