Mobile Future

Wireless Investment Could Fuel the US Economy

Today, Deloitte released a new study that outlines how investing in 4G technology would foster job creation and spur the nations GDP.  The report estimates that in the next five years, if telecom companies invest $25-$53 billion in 4G wireless networks, our nations GDP would grow $73-$151 billion and between 371,000-771,000 jobs would be created. Also, Deloitte’s study notes that this investment would spur competitiveness in the U.S. wireless space and bring new technologies such as cloud computing to market. 

As Deloitte’s Vice Chairman and U.S. media and telecommunications sector leader Phil Asmundson stated in TechJournal South:

“Investment in such a powerful form of communication contributes to the economic recovery and provides a job-creating engine for the future. The key to harnessing the potential benefits of 4G technology lies in America’s market-driven wireless sector, which encourages the emergence of innovative applications that spur productivity and could produce the same surge of innovation and demand we experienced during the 3G era.”

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