Wireless Ready-to-Wear Not Far Behind

June 14, 2010

It’s beginning to seem like no feat is too large for the wonderful world of wireless. So in the future, don’t be surprised when the latest wireless advancement isn’t merely something you can text or tweet, but something you can… wear?

Sure enough, developers have introduced prototypes for a new ‘smart’ clothing, which use wireless biosensors to measure a wearer’s physiological conditions throughout the day. The information is sent to the user’s smartphone or PDA that maps the findings in an emotional database, and in turn responds with a pre-determined message depending on the wearer’s emotional state.

The inspirational sayings can come in the form of text messages scrolling across the garment’s sleeve, via video streaming across the corresponding handheld device, or as sound clips spoken by loved ones that come from speakers embedded in the clothing.

The technology is still in its nascent stages, but the potential positive ramifications it could have across varying industries—including its medicinal uses—are already being explored.

So while it may be a while before Mobile Future shows at Bryant Park, we’re certainly not surprised that wireless may soon be wearable (and no… we’re not talking something like this).