Mobile Future

Wireless Rx

With its instant, mobile, and two-way capabilities,
wireless technology is at the forefront of improving many facets of
healthcare.  That’s why this recent
announcement from General Electric and Intel
on what The New York
Times calls "telehealth" is so encouraging:

The companies, in a partnership announced on
Thursday, plan to spend $250 million jointly in the next five years on research
and development of health technologies to let doctors remotely monitor, diagnose
and consult with patients in their homes or assisted-living

G.E. has a business unit that sells wireless sensors that
can monitor older patients, mostly in communities for the elderly, so caregivers
can be alerted to unusual patterns of activity, or inactivity, that might signal
a health problem or emergency.  Even
beyond the health benefits, there’s the financial consideration: Nursing homes
cost up to $200 a day while wireless monitoring can cost $100 a