Mobile Future

You Can Be A Gamer Too, Thanks To Mobile Tech

The mobile games market isn’t going anywhere and continues to grow rapidly both in the United States and abroad. At the end of 2015, reports show that the mobile games market grew to over $30 billion globally.  The mobile gaming market also dominates the world of apps with mobile gaming apps expected to bring in $41.5 billion this year.

Last week, Venture Beat highlighted why your beloved smartphone may soon completely replace the gaming consoles in your home. Talk about an upgrade! The same technology design company that is responsible for much of the chip technology in our mobile devices is now working on a new endeavor for smartphones and tablets. They just announced that the new technology will mean that the visuals on your smartphone will be on par with the visuals we enjoy when playing on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. And this isn’t that far in the future. The company expects to release the technology by the end of 2017. That means we are only one year away from having smartphones adept to give us the same gaming experience we used to spend hundreds of dollars on for gaming hardware.

That’s not it when it comes to exciting news for mobile gaming enthusiasts. This new tech could also lead the way for the software behind mobile virtual reality. Venture Beat shares that mobile VR gaming alone is expected to reach $15 billion by 2020.

Needless to say, the future of mobile gaming will continue to enjoy growth and development.  Click here to read more.