Mobile Future

You say you want a revolution?

Tens of thousands of demonstrators swarmed through central Teheran this week, protesting alleged voting problems with the recent Presidential elections.  And how did so many come together at once?  “Iranelection” was the top Twitter trend of the day and according to AFP:

“Protestors in Iran on Monday used Twitter for battle cries and to spread word about clashes with police and ‘hard line supporters’ of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Twitter messages, some with links to pictures, streamed from Iran despite reported efforts by authorities there to block news of protests….”

The events in Iran this week help to illustrate the empowering influence of wireless technology.  And whether the user is a lone hurricane survivor in Palquemines Parish, Louisiana or 50,000 Iranians protesting perceived injustice, wireless continues to be the vital link to make their voices heard.