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Your Stress-Free Thanksgiving – Holiday Planning Made Easy

It’s that time of year.  Thanksgiving is officially a week away and the holidays are just around the corner! If you are one of the many that find yourselves scrambling to create a stress-free dinner last minute, here are some great tips to help you plan Thanksgiving using mobile and the Internet of Things!

Range – Turkeys, as we all know, are the main stress inducer when it comes to hosting a flawless Thanksgiving dinner. Good news – you don’t have to worry about overcooking your turkey ever again.  Supermechanical, a Mobile Future member, has a connected thermometer, Range, that ensures a delicious and juicy bird. The smart thermometers give accurate readings in a matter of seconds and will alert you on your mobile devices as soon as your turkey is done. Best part: the Range app remembers recipe successes so you can be assured that you can have the best for next year.

KitchenPad Timer – Remember to baste your turkey, fix your cranberry sauce, take your roasted brussel sprouts out of the oven…  you get the point. The KitchenPad Timer ensures that all of your dishes will cook correctly by keeping track of your burners and the oven. The amazing app also remembers the temperature your dishes are cooking at so take some time to enjoy your guests with this one-stop app to a seamless and efficient kitchen.

Drop Scales– Say goodbye to #bakingfails. Some may argue that stuffing is the best part of any Thanksgiving dinner, but we all know that no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without dessert.  Lots of it.  Drop scales will have you baking and whipping out deserts in a flash and like a pro. The connected scale comes with an app filled with perfect holiday recipes including pecan pie truffles and mini pumpkin pies! The scales also promise easy clean up since all of the recipes only require a single bowl.

Total Wine & More – This free app ensures that you find the perfect wine pairings for your party or big meal. Specifically choose the style in which you are serving your bird, whether it is whole or pre-cut, and the level of sauce and spice to get the best red and white matches.

Cheers to a Happy Thanksgiving from the Mobile Future team!