Mobile Future

Free Data: A Win For Us All

A new report released by ITIF today discusses free data as a way to increase value for mobile consumers. And not pose a threat to the open Internet.

Free data programs like zero rating are a win-win – for consumers as well as the video providers and network operators involved in offering the service. Video providers see more people streaming their services and products. Network providers gain market share by luring customers with different, innovative programs. And most importantly, let’s talk about what it means for the consumer: perks like free data are wildly popular because simply put, you get more for less.

While many critics claim that free data is against the public interest, the ITIF report articulates exactly why that is not the case. ITIF finds that free data is an indicator of a healthy marketplace, illustrating fierce competition for consumers, who benefit from innovative service perks in exchange for their business. Free data programs engage everyone from  digital natives, better known as millennials, to low-income households and communities of color, who want  access to mobile broadband networks.

To learn more about free data and its benefits, read ITIF’s paper here.